It was built by Nicolò III, under the direction of Giovanni da Siena, between 1424 and 1434, about the same time as the Belriguardo “delizia” was built. According to custom, the palace was the meeting place of Ugo, son of the Marquis Nicolò III, and Parisina, the young wife of the Marquis, whose relationship ended tragically.

The palace was turned into a “delizia” by Borso d’Este shortly before his death (1471). It resembles a crenellated castle in the Guelpho style with ramparts and avant-corps and has 44 large rooms, some with beautiful coffered ceilings, a chapel and a garden.

The property passed to the Mosti family after Alfonso I d’Este granted them the ducal coat of arms and the Duke’s last name “Estense”. In the eighteenth century it was inherited by Ercole Trotti Mosti Estense, whose descendant, Tancredi – patriot and commander of the Bersaglieri del Po (Marksmen Corps), began restoration work in 1872. It was here, in 1900, that Tancredi Trotti Mosti built the first tennis court to be seen in the province of Ferrara.

The building then passed to the Marquis Giovanni Costabili, and subsequently to other families who supervised the restoration, and currently houses the Country Club.