The parish church of San Giorgio stands alone on the right-hand side of the river Reno, not far from the town of Argenta, and is one of the most significant monuments of the province of Ferrara.

Throughout the early Middle Ages it was an institutional and administrative landmark for the local people.

In “Liber Pontificalis Ecclesia Ravennatis” the historian Andrea Agnello places the construction date at around 569-570.

The first confirmation of the presence of a baptismal font in the church is in 1022, one hundred years after the church was restored.

The renovation included the Romanesque marble portal with the depiction of the months on the doorposts and the martyrdom of St. George in the lunette.

An inscription in verse states that it was built ​​in 1122 by Giovanni di Modigliana.

The decline of San Giorgio started in the mid-thirteenth century, when the alluvial deposits almost buried the area and it was decided to transfer the baptismal font to the church of San Nicolò di Argenta.

The research and excavations carried out between 1982 and 1986 have allowed us to reconstruct the history and character of the parish.